Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hello Kitty Cake (#8)

Hello Kitty for Daphne's 6th.

7th Cake - Nick and Amy Wedding

Yep, a wedding cake no less! What was I thinking saying "YES"? don't worry, I kept asking myself that same question. AND, I don't think I realized this was only my 7th official cake! Well, the good Lord must have known how much I love these two people because it turned out pretty well.

I loved the idea of ornaments on the cake and her colors were perfect! These last 3 pictures are just from my not-so-fancy cell phone, so they are not the best quality.

I made the cake at my parents and it was nice to not have any distractions... well from children anyway. My dad can be QUITE the distraction!

6th Cake

My daughters 8th birthday. See the hidden 8 in there?

It was also a Diva Tea party, so the table was set all fancy schmancy!

5th cake (and some cup cakes on the side)

This was a really fun cake to make. Not only do I love the lil girl who it was for, but I really, really LOVE Toy Story. Who doesn't really?

The cowboy boots were modeled after none other than Sheriff Woody's

My Precious

I'm posting this just as a joke. This was for my hubands birthday. My girls LOVE to watch LOTR (That's Lord of the Rings to you non-nerds out there) with their pops. It was a chocolate cake with peanut butter filling and frosting, and it was tastee!

4th cake

and I don't mean the 4th of July... or do I? It was my youngest daughters 2 birthday, which is on July 5th, but was celebrated on the 4th, hence the red, white and blue! Fun cake to make.

The missing piece!

3rd Cake. Simple. Sweet.

After a few classes no less! I finally took a fondant class and learned a few things. This was my simple one layer cake, which coincided with Valentines so I went with Hearts.

Cake numero dos

My second daughters birthday. Do you see a theme... they were into fairies that year. Oh, and please, please excuse the tin foil! I was still learning what was PC and what was not.

My very first fondant... yikes!

My daughters 6th birthday

Not that my design was bad... but the cake is definitely leaning! Note to self: don't try a cake recipe you're never done before!